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by Doc Coleman on April 24, 2013 · 4 comments

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I’ve been writing a lot this past week. And it hasn’t been my usual style of writing. Current events have gotten my brain churning in a number of different threads. It is a little difficult to sift through this pot of metaphorical spaghetti and pick out a theme to talk about for a #WriterWednesday update. So, instead I’m going to talk a little about what is in the pot.

No, not that kind of pot. Even if 4/20 was this past week. Not my scene.

The drama unfolding up in Boston has occupied a good part of my thoughts. There is the shock at someone taking an event that was a source of civic pride and personal achievement, and using it to try to do as much harm to strangers as they can. Wondering why it is that some people find themselves deciding that the only reasonable course of action for them is to try to kill as many people as they can. And wondering if anyone could have talked them out of it, if they’d just had the chance. The same kind of thinking that leads to bombings and random shootings and seems to become more and more popular.

Then there was the efforts of the Boston Police to track down and capture the bombers. Shutting down an entire city in order to be able to isolate and contain their quarry. But even while the manhunt was going on, people were trying to spin these events for their own political gain. I am ill sometimes at the way some people will try to turn any event to underscore their own personal cause.

It is not so surprising that a lot of my writing this week has focused on my thoughts around what causes otherwise intelligent young people to pick up guns and make bombs and try to slaughter their neighbors. I’ve created several drafts of different essays on the subject, but I’m not sure when I’m going to feel ready to release them. I think I’ve got some new thoughts on what causes school shootings, but it isn’t enough to identify the cause. I really want to come up with some way to reduce their occurrence. Or maybe I just need to let the idea go and see what someone else can make of it.

I have been writing fiction. I actually took a step back into The Bright Lands this week, adding to that story for the first time since November. I haven’t finished my re-plotting exercise, but I needed a change from political essays, and I didn’t have the time to do a lot of editing. It was good to re-visit Casey and take her another step down the rabbit hole.

One other aspect of Kee getting better is that she’s got more time to do things, and she could use a little more to do. So we’ve talked with some folks about doing some audio editing for them. We haven’t come to any solid agreements yet, but we’re working on them. It seems like this would be a good time to mention that Swimming Cat Studios is available for hire for audio post-production work. We don’t have a fixed price schedule yet, so our services are still negotiable, based on if the product is for paid or free release, the audio complexity, and how much we’re interested in being a part of the project. If you’d like to have us working on your audio project, please write to Doc@SwimmingCatStudios.com and let us know what kind of project you need help with and what kind of constraints you need to work with.

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1 Melissa (My World...in words and pages) April 25, 2013 at 1:12 pm

Sad the happenings in Boston. But glad you are writing more. And back with Casey as well. It’s always nice to drop back into something relaxing and comfortable, and seems as Casey might be that at the moment. I’m sure you have others too, but there’s no rush with getting Casey’s story done (yet). 😉

And wonderful to hear Swimming Cat Studios is getting ready to go at it. 🙂 Best of luck to you!

I actually finished the rough story I was working on for Camp Nanowrimo last night. Just shy of 25k by 107 words. It’s to be a novella length, which I think I’m good with. Now on to a few ideas that have been bouncing around my head, and scenes that I really need to get out. lol.

Keep up the great work!


2 Doc Coleman April 26, 2013 at 6:33 am

There are times when it just feels better to write narrative. Especially when one considers some of the crazyness going on in the world, writing narrative just feels cleaner somehow. That does sound odd, though, when you consider that writing narrative pretty much involves taking your characters and making bad things happen to them. I know I’ve got some revisions to do in the sections I’ve already written and it needs a lot of cutting and tightening up, but I’m finally getting up to the end of Act 1. Casey’s been pushed around a lot, and now she’s about to get the news that the one person who is capable of sending her back home is too busy to do it. This is Casey’s last straw. She’s had enough being pushed around and playing by other people’s rules. Now she’s going to take matters into her own hands.

I’m glad that we’re finally getting into offering audio editing services, but I really wish it was paid work. We’re going to be doing some free and token fee work to get started and figure out our workflow, but the goal is to provide fast, affordable audio editng services. I know there are a lot of folks who do stuff for free, but there are also a lot of projects that are suffering for lack of an editor who can turn around good quality audio in a timely fashion.

Congratulations on finishing up your story. 25K is a decent length. I guess you’ll have to see if you can work up some of those other ideas into another novella or two and package them together for print. I’ve been considering doing a book of short stories over at Create Space, but I don’t currently have enough finished stories to make it practical.

Talk to you later.



3 Melissa (My World...in words and pages) April 26, 2013 at 9:11 am

I do wish you all the best with audio editing services. I hope it turns into a nice income for you.

And thank you. I’ll have to see what I can come up with. I hadn’t thought about a package deal…I wasn’t even sure if it would ever go into black and white other than my screen. I’ll have to do that! 🙂 Thank you.


4 Doc Coleman April 26, 2013 at 11:53 pm

That would be so nice, to have some kind of income. Something that I could put against editing costs for my writing.

As liberating as e-books are in terms of story length, paper books are still ruled by certain size limitations. Collections end up being a great way to hit those size limitations. And services like Create Space make it affordable for indies to get into print.

Of course, you can have print and e-book sales, too. 😀



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