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by Doc Coleman on April 23, 2013 · 0 comments

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Some of you might be wondering what happened to the Balticon 46 Wrap-up Part 11 episode that posted on Monday morning and disappeared on  Monday evening. That episode was the only surviving recording from the live audio drama presentation of Episode 4 of Stargazers. For anyone who isn’t familiar with Stargazers, the story was created by Laura Nicole under the name Laura Frechette, and was written by Laura Nicole and Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard and produced as a podcast for GypsyAudio.org. And for everyone who IS familiar with Stargazers, I could have used your help last week. You see, I made a mistake…

Unfortunately, when I prepared the episode for release, I was unaware of Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard’s part in the creation of the story, and the fact that the production rights are still held by Gypsy Audio. Oops.

Gwendolyn contacted me and politely asked me to take the episode down, and I’ve done so while we attempt to disentangle the rights confusion. The good news is that the episode will eventually be put back up. The bad news is that it might just take a while to happen. You see, while the folks at Gypsy Audio have many fine entertaining stories in simultaneous production, the production of Stargazers has suffered a series of setbacks and hasn’t progressed as far as they’d hoped by now. In fact, the last episode they released was Episode 2. So, it posed a bit of a problem for the Balticon cast to release Episode 4 when Episode 3 with the original cast was still waiting to be released.

So…. we’re working with the folks at Gypsy Audio to get this straightened out. Once their production of Stargazers catches up a bit, we’ll be able to re-release the Balticon audio under a corrected attribution. So, if you missed getting the episode while it was available, why not head over to Gypsy Audio and check out some of the other fine audio dramas they’re producing over there? That way you’ll be the first to know when Stargazers starts releasing again.

As for the Balticon 46 Wrap-up, that will continue with the next episode to be released in two weeks. See you then.

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