The Wayback Machine: Galley Table 36 – Writing Rites and Rituals

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Once again, it is #FlashbackFriday, and time for another journey with the Wayback Machine. Today we’ve got audio from May 15th, 2011. To wit, episode 35 of Galley Table, featuring guests JR Murdock and Michell Plested. You see, writers are a superstitious and cowardly lot, and they construct various rituals and superstitions to fend off bad writing mojo, or to get themselves into the mood for writing. In this episode, we ask the panel what their rituals are, and how they feel these traditions have effected their writing.

Show notes below the cut. 

Some special moments from the episode:

  • “I’ve been talking to Scott, so I’m ready to drop off.”
  • “It turns out that bread pudding is just really, really good french toast.”
  • “JP has the dropsies this evening.”
  • “There will be no chickens sacrificed, or anything else.”
  • “Corinthian virgins are getting harder and harder to find.”
  • “With or without handcuffs?”
  • “I am currently up to almost nothing today.”
  • “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.”
  • “Tequila.”
  • “Get rid of any distractions.”
  • “I’m going to have to talk to your wife to help you get into the mood.”
  • “Decide what my goal is for that particular writing session.”
  • “Did you go over quirks in your own writing styles?”
  • “You did say ‘talent’ right?”
  • “Having that word count helps me over the humps, over the doldrums.”
  • “Break it into bite size pieces.”
  • “How are we going to write an 80 or 100 thousand word book?”
  • “In some ways, deadlines help.”
  • “I’ve got to set reminders for myself to nag people about deadlines.”
  • “One of his bullet points is procrastination.”
  • “For me the hard part is getting my butt in that chair.”
  • “I have yet to find the tool to overcome the procrastination thing.”
  • “Find a partner you can work with.”
  • “It is also good to have a partner who can bail out you out.”
  • “Dropbox!”
  • “Read ‘Do the work’.”
  • “Another big resistance point for me is self-doubt.”
  • “Everything sucks the first time round.”
  • “You’ve got to allow yourself to suck.”
  • “You can’t edit words that aren’t on the page.”
  • “You can sculpt poo, but you can’t sculpt air.”
  • “When did I lose control of the podcast?”
  • “We’re a bunch of boys talking about poop and that’s OK.”
  • “I can’t judge my own work because I am inherently biased.”
  • “I just have to charge ahead to the next stopping point.”
  • “You can use that as your ritual to get warmed up.”
  • “Set a timer.”
  • “You don’t need to have a four-hour block of time to write.”
  • “Write a lousy blog post about how you can’t write.”
  • “Write when you need to, not when you want to.”
  • “We’ve talked about biblioterminophobia in the past.”
  • “It’s all about dangling that carrot before the mule.”
  • “Getting it out is the carrot for me.”
  • “and it’s getting longer and longer…”
  • Question of the Week – What, in your opinion, is the most underrated of the Disney animated films?”
  • “Take another run at that because Skype went wacky on you.”
  • “There was an article along those lines in Flagship 4.”
  • “Curse you Scott Roche! Curse you!”
  • “Darn you life!?
  • “There is good David Spade?”
  • “It did stay somewhat true to the book as well…”
  • “How can you go wrong with cyborgs?”
  • “Can we find out what the JR stands for?”
  • “Does that leave you with anything left to pimp?”
  • “I’m always the last to know.”
  • “Nothing I can announce in public. *ding*”
  • “Everyone present will have a voice role in that.”
  • “Bye now.”

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