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Time once again for something from the Wayback Machine. I’m actually going to try to make this a regular #FlashbackFriday event. We’ll just have to see how successful I am at keeping things scheduled.

Anywho, This Friday we are turning the clock back to May 5, 2011 to revisit an all crew episode of The Galley Table. In episode thirty-five, we’re talking about gods and their place in your story. We talk about some of our favorite deific figures in stories and how they are effectively, and non-effectively used. No matter your personal faith, we still feel that there is a place for god-like figures in literature.

More notes below the cut. Be sure to check out the links at the bottom of the show notes!

Some special moments from the episode:

  • “If you’ve been listening to the Galley Table for thirty-five episodes… I’m sorry.”
  • “Manhandling fiction in ways… that should never be done, but we do anyway.”
  • “Manah manah.”
  • “I want video.” “For science!”
  • “We missed you! You were out of range.”
  • “This podcast brought to you by GlaDos, Aperture Science, and the number 3.”
  • “What is your favorite fiction trope pantheon thingy?”
  • “I’d like to see more of the Egyptian Gods.”
  • “The Greeks get used a lot. The Norse Gods get used a lot.”
  • “You will see people use Coyote or Thunderbird…”
  • “You don’t see a lot about the Canadian gods.”
  • “I’m having a moment here.”
  • “Violence is always good.” “If you’re in the entertainment industry, yes.”
  • “You want a winged serpent?”
  • “There is only Zul.”
  • “Good on you, Conan!”
  • “We’ve seen aliens as gods in a number of places…”
  • “The cargo cults.”
  • “I am your god, you will worship me or I will crush your soul.”
  • “You can’t go playing god for these people!”
  • “The Man who would be King.”
  • “Childhood’s End.”
  • “There’s a lot of popular fiction that deals with angels…”
  • “They insidiously corrupt you by trying to give you what you want.”
  • “There’s this story called Absolution…”
  • “Countdown to Balticon is ticking!”
  • “It does deal with the Judeo-Christian pantheon, for lack of a better term, and it does have demons and angels as characters.”
  • “I thought having the voice of god come from a child would be so cool…”
  • “Why do we choose to introduce gods and god-like characters into fiction?”
  • “They are characters who don’t have limitations.”
  • “We respect our limitations more because we see a character without limitations that still has issues?”
  • “They make great antagonists.”
  • “Has anyone ever seen the movie Erik the Viking?”
  • “The gods are all children.”
  • “They have no impulse control.”
  • “What would you really do if you had unlimited power?”
  • “If you’ve invented a new pantheon for your setting, you have to introduce the gods at some point.”
  • “Like Murder at Avedon Hill?”
  • “The Silmarillion reads like a book of legends.”
  • “If you want to write legends, yes, that will work.”
  • “Look at Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time books.He only has two deities, The Creator and the Dark One.”
  • “Do you like heavy metal?” “The movie, or the music style? Or the magazine?”
  • “Shrug on my bus-resistant pads now.”
  • “Question of the Week – If you could only write to one musical album, what would it be?”
  • “Genesis’ The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway.”
  • “Listening to it takes me outside the beaten path.”
  • “Genesis’ Three Sides Live.”
  • “John Williams’ Memoirs of a Geisha soundtrack.”
  • “The only musical soundtrack that he has asked to be a part of.”
  • “And Zack, that leaves you.”
  • “A symphonic rendition of Gundam Seed.”
  • “Do you start with a song before you start writing?”
  • “Sounds like we’ve got another show on writing ritual to go do.”
  • “A baby sound instead of a bell!”
  • “Get thee to Balticon!”
  • “We will have Galley Table Live with Ben Bova!”

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