The die have been cast, see how they roll!

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Each week I keep telling myself that I’m going to stop waiting until the last minute to write up these posts and just do little installments as things develop through the week. Each week, that doesn’t ever seem to work that way. This week it has come to even more of a head, seeing as I wasn’t able to get this post finished and scheduled ahead of time. But that is because a lot of things have gone on this week…

I had mentioned last week that I was planning on focusing on editing for this week, and that has been what I’ve done. I finally pulled out “Welcome to Paradox” and began editing. I’d tackled a lot of large projects in the past by making an effort to do little bits of regular work against it. I thought I’d do much the same with editing Paradox. I forgot how short this story is. I finished the editing in an evening. I haven’t updated the sidebar to show the story fully edited, because the purpose wasn’t editing the story, but publishing it. I still have to lay out the e-book version for Smashwords and Kindle and get them ready to publish. That’s my real goal, and that part is still left to do.

The other editing I needed to do this week was preparing the ACX audition I recorded last week for submission. The audio was all recorded, but it still needed to be edited to removed flubs, coughs, breaths, and to be trimmed to the proper length. And that is where the world threw me a monkey wrench.

We’ve been working to restore order to our home on the weekends through the month of February. This week my wife told me that we would have to step up the pace. She’s been suffering with problems in her knees for a while, and she finally decided that the pain had gotten bad enough that it was no longer worth putting off her knee replacement surgery. She is planning to have the first surgery in mid March, which means that we have to clear the areas that she’ll want to be in during her recovery so she can easily navigate them with crutches. This accelerated our pace from cleaning each weekend, to taking time to clean each day.

This pushed out my editing time for cleaning, so my writing time for this post ended up being given over for editing.

The good news is that I completed all my editing and got my audition ready to submit. I had actually recorded two different versions of the audition using different variations of the same accent, and I was having some trouble deciding which version to submit.

So I ended up submitting them both.

ACX doesn’t really mention it anywhere, but there doesn’t seem to be any restriction on your ability to submit multiple audition takes for a given work. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to flood an author with auditions. That would just tick them off, and only one of your auditions can be marked as successful. I don’t know yet if that is something that authors can see, but I noted that the system does show you how many auditions you’ve submitted.

At this point, I’ve thrown my lot in. The die have been cast, it just remains to see how they come up. I just have to wait until the author gets back to me one way or the other.

The hard question here is how long do I wait before submitting another audition for a different property? Obviously, not every audition will lead to a job, but with multiple auditions out there, I become more likely to get multiple contract offers at the same time. I am pretty sure I can do one audio project in a respectable amount of time and still keep my writing and publishing going forward. I’m not so sure I can do more than one without dropping something else. And I’d hate to have to turn down a contract when I’ve got something else in production. Or I could be putting the cart before the horse, by being concerned about dealing with a second contract when I don’t have the first one yet.

And that’s the way it is. I need to work on laying out Paradox and get that off of my plate and into bookstores. I need to finish re-planning Bright Lands so that I can get back to writing it. And then there is the second draft of Perils. So much to do!

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