Another one bites the dust!

by Doc Coleman on February 13, 2013 · 4 comments

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I must say, right at this moment, I feel like the Magic Spreadsheet works wonders. I started using the Magic Spreadsheet on February 1st. Now, as I’m writing this on the evening of February 12th, I’ve racked up over twelve thousand words written! And what’s more, I broke my streak last Wednesday when I had an event in the evening that kept me from stealing any keyboard time. And that’s not counting the words in this post. That’s over a thousand words a day! More than just racking up a lot of words, I finished the first draft of my short story for The Way of the Gun Anthology. It came in a bit long. Almost 14 thousand words, but I think I’ve got a pretty good story. Now I just need to figure out what to write next…

Part of this problem is that with all the writing I’ve done, I haven’t been doing enough plotting. The other part is I’ve got at least three projects that need to go into an editing phase. That certainly seems like something that will break my writing streaks.

The first thing on my editing chopping block is my short story “Welcome to Paradox”. I have tried to get that story ready to publish since October 2011! I even have a lovely cover for it thanks to Starla Huchton. I have made this story take the back seat for new writing again and again. It is way past time I got it out the door and made it start earning. But first, I have to edit it and lay it out.

Next on the hit parade is The Perils of Prague. This story has sat for over six months. I need to do the second draft and see about recruiting Beta Readers for it. Why the urgency? This book is the first in a series. I really need to finish it before I can write the other books. Of course, I would also like to have it professionally edited to make it the best book it can possibly be. For that, I either need an angel, or seed money. If I had more readers, I might consider a Kickstarter campaign, but right now there is no way I could make goal.

Last on the editing block, is my short story “The Price of Surrender”. This one needs editing, layout, and a cover. When it was podcast on Every Photo Tells… it got a pretty good response. I hope it does even better when I get it up as an e-book. But I gotta get it ready, first.

And then there is ACX. I have picked out the first novel I plan to audition for, and I will record that audition later this week. My wife and I have even talked about what we can do to improve our recording set up. I think we are going to see about creating a setup for an impromptu recording booth in our craft room.

And when I return to writing? Well, then it will have to be The Bright Lands. I need to complete the novel, because I know some folks are eagerly awaiting it. That would be you, Melissa Hay! In order to get there, I still have to finish plotting the story out. I know some major points, but I need to break it down further.

So, I have my work cut out for me. I have had a great February of writing, but it may have to take a hit as my editing tasks move to the top of the priority list. For this week, I shall bask in having the progress bar for the Way of The Gun at 100% for a while longer. Then it will drop off the list until edits and rewrites come back for it. Still, getting a story done is an awfully nice Valentine’s present, right?

Talk to you next time!

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