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After being on the fence about it for many months, this past week I finally broke down and created a profile on ACX. What is ACX, you say? And well you might ask. ACX is the Audiobook Creation Exchange. Audible.com created ACX to promote the creation of digital spoken word content. This makes a lot of sense because digital spoken word content is what Audible sells. They need to get that content from somewhere, and ACX is part of making that happen. ACX creates a marketplace where rights holders, aka publishers, authors, and other empowered agents, can find narrators, studios, and producers looking for work. Here’s how it works…

An author, or other rights holder, who wants to have their book made into an audiobook posts their book on ACX. They describe the book in terms of genre, and the type of voice (or voices) they want to narrate their work. They also supply selections of text for narrators to use to audition for the book. Narrators and producers who use the service can now discover this work and record an audition which they send to the author. Alternatively, the author can browse the profiles of narrators and producers on ACX and look over their credentials and listen to the vocal samples and find people they want to work on their book. In everyone’s profile is an indication of what kind of compensation they are willing to pay/accept for their services. This breaks down into two major types: Royalty Share, where the author and the Narrator create the audiobook, then split the royalties from the sales 50/50, or Pay for Production, where the author pays for the hours of labor to create the audiobook up front, but gets to keep all of the royalties.

So where do I fit in this madness? I’ve created a profile as a narrator on ACX. I’d like to pick up some work to help me build up some funds that I can put against costs of running my sites and getting a professional editor for my novels. Things are tight for us, and we could use the additional income, but unless I can put some money aside for editing, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to afford it. Narration and voice acting is something I can do now, and ACX is a pretty decent venue to connect with authors who might be interested in what I can do.

Right now, I’m just going to work on tuning my profile. I have to get a few more things off of my plate to free up the capacity to take on that kind of extra work. Of course, if I get an offer, I’ll seriously consider taking it. I just need to free up a little more time before actively seeking out work.

Would you like to help? Take a look at my profile on ACX and give me your suggestions for improving it. I’m already working at getting more samples of my voice work to put up there. So far the folks that I’ve done work for in the past have been cooperative with letting me make excerpts from the finished works. What I know I’m lacking in is properly describing my voice and  the accents I can do.

Back on the writing front, I’m still working on my Way of the Gun story. I’ve gotten a bit farther into the writing, but I haven’t been able to put as much time into writing as I want to. Of course, every little word helps.

So far the Balticon 46 shows are on schedule. I’ve got the audio all organized, but I still need to record intros for each show and then put them together. I seem to be on track to get the next show out on Monday, and with luck I can get a little ahead and get the episodes scheduled for release ahead of time. Still bumps in the road, but I seem to keep rolling on.

Wish me luck, and let me know what you think.

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