Monday, December 3, 2012

Why am I celebrating failure? Well, I am going to explain that, but first, I think I’d better catch you up.

When last we spoke, it was the 20th, and I’d hit 32,067 words after three straight days of over 2500 words a day. On the 21st, we set out to visit my father for Thanksgiving, my wife driving, and me in the passenger seat writing away. I managed to get in 1191 words on the trip. I probably would have done better, but the trip wasn’t very long. Then, once we arrived, family tended to get into the way of much writing. I tried to do some writing on Thanksgiving day, but only got in another 523 words what with the feasting and games of dominos. On Friday, we headed back home, but my wife was too tired and I had to do the driving. After we got home and unloaded, I was too tired to write, so Friday was a total goose egg. Saturday, the 24th, I plugged in to make up some of the backlog, and wrote 3009 words. A very promising day and it looked like I was going to be able to catch up nicely. Sunday didn’t go so well, but I did get in 1710 words, holding my own, and bringing my word count up to 38500 words. Monday, it was back to work, and a tough day at work it was. I came home and wrote another 830 words, but soon tuckered out. And at this point, I realized that I just wasn’t going to make it. I had too few days left and too much of a deficit to make up. So I tapped out at 39,330 words.

I had intended to put in some more writing and push over at least 40,000 words, but I just didn’t make the time. Also, I’d written myself up against a wall and I didn’t know where else to take the story. I finally figured out where to take the story on the 30th, just after I’d gotten to work. Unfortunately, after work, I went to take a nap and ended up sleeping through until December.

So what happened with Casey in these 7000 words?

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