#NaNoWriMo 2012, Day 15 – 18 Or Where the heck did you go?

by Doc Coleman on November 19, 2012 · 10 comments

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Rumors of my demise would be a premature exaggeration. But I have to admit that I felt like my demise was nigh on Thursday. I came home from work completely exhausted and then sacked out. I woke up at 8 PM to take my meds, and was just about to go right back to bed, when I remembered that I just needed about 500 words to take my story over 20k, and I had kind of promised you, my readers, that I was going to hit 20k on the 15th. So I sat down to write 500 words, and ended up writing just over 11oo before stumbling back to bed. Friday I wrote another thousand words before taking a break for dinner and to join Nobilis Reed for a recording hangout on G+. It was a fun time listening and talking with some of Nobilis’ fans. I may have to do something similar when I get to recording again. Afterwards, I wrote another 1500 words, but didn’t update NaNoWriMo until after midnight, so they got credited to Saturday. By then, I was too tired to work up a diary entry.

Saturday was completely booked from beginning to end, but I still managed to sneak in about 250 words on my iPad while riding in the car.

Sunday, I managed to pound out over 3000 new words, but that took me right up until midnight, and since I had to get up early for work, that again left no time to write up a diary entry.

Sooooo… I’ve had some good and bad writing days, but I haven’t gone a day without writing since the 11th. I am still about 3300 words behind where I should be, but I still have a chance to make it up. I just have to keep at it and keep pulling 2000+ word days. If I can get in enough writing with the four-day weekend coming up, I should even be able to pull ahead! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

The good news is that things have been moving along nicely in the story…

The elves, Roderick and Kara, have escorted Casey (and the pixies) to the hidden city of Talas to consult with the Primus. Talus is small by the standards of cities that Casey has lived in, but she has never seen such a variety of cultures together in one place. There are centaurs, elves, humans, dwarves, and other things that Casey can’t even begin to name living side by side, working, bargaining, laughing. The group threads its way through the streets to something that appears to be a temple off of a side street. They are led into a room to meet with Secundus, who hears Casey’s tale and agrees that this is a matter for the Primus. He instructs that healers be brought to tend to Casey’s wounds so that she can face the Primus with her full faculties.

Casey is bathed and tended, and all of her cuts and scrapes seem to have completely vanished. Refreshments are brought for the party as they wait for an audience with the Primus, who seems to be part judge, part head of state, and part wizard.

Finally, they are brought into a garden where they are questioned by two men in robes. The Pixies charges and evidence are heard, as are the testimonies of the elves, and the naiad of the river, who has promised Casey her protection for her own reasons. The men then turn to Casey. While the evidence presented is not conclusive, the crime she has been accused of is too horrific to ignore. Two pixies have died, and a third will live out its life as an empty husk. The Primus can test Casey, and determine her guilt or innocence once and for all, but the test is not without danger. If she refuses, she will be held until new evidence comes to light and the case is proved. If she is tested and found guilty, she will be put to death. If she is tested and found innocent, she will be free to go where she may. Now is the time for Casey to chose.

Will Casey choose to be tested? Can she survive the test? Even if she does, how can she get home?

Tune in next time for the answers to these and other questions…

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