#NaNoWriMo 2012, Day 10 – 13

by Doc Coleman on November 13, 2012 · 3 comments

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Wow! What a full weekend this was! As expected, Saturday and Sunday were taken up with the Carolina Renaissance Festival, and there wasn’t any real time to sit down and write. Ok, maybe there was a few hours I could have written, but instead I was seduced by the opportunity to play Cards Against Humanity with a bunch of new friends. It was a creative endeavor, although not very literary.

Monday was the drive home from North Carolina. I’m afraid I wasn’t nearly as productive writing on the way back as I was on the way down. Part of that was because of much more frequent stops on the trip back. Part of that was due to the looming clouds we had on Monday that were totally absent on Friday. I wrote enough to tread water and keep from backsliding farther, but I didn’t get my numbers updated until after midnight, which means that NaNoWriMo credited my words to today instead of yesterday.

Today, I was so worn out from the trip, and from fighting off this cold, that I called in to work and spent the day at home. I did manage to get some writing in, but I think I only managed to add about a thousand words, give or take, to Monday’s total. The story has moved along, but I’m about 4500 words behind where I should be. I should be at 21,666, but I’ve only gotten up to 17,166 words.

A lot of other things happened today, though. There’s lots more to be said about all the things going on, so I’ll be posting about them separately in the days ahead. For now, I’ll just list them on the other side of this cut…

  • The Way of the Gun has re-launched its fundraiser over on IndieGoGo. We’ve pared back the budget requirements, and by using IndieGoGo, we hope to be able to move things forward even if we don’t manage to raise the whole amount. Of course, if everyone who pledged for the Kickstarter pledges the same amount for IndieGoGo, we’ll be able to make our revised budget and move forward with the project.
  • The Cross of Columba has been released as an e-book for the KindleNook, and over on Smashwords.
  • Veterans Day has come and gone. While some of us remembered those who fought to keep our country free, a number of people have decided that if they can’t curtail their neighbor’s freedoms in the way they want, maybe they’d be better off taking their entire state and forming their own independent government. That’s not what our soldiers have fought for, and it seems very disrespectful of everyone who has served our country to think that they can tear it apart for their own ends.

And, of course, there is Casey. She’s in a strange world that seems very familiar, but nothing seems to be quite right. For one thing, it seems to be day, but there is no sign of the sun. Casey goes to explore, and hopefully find some help to get her home. Instead, she sees huge creatures flying across the sky, and when she takes to the woods for cover, something else finds her! Instead of finding help, Casey ends up getting pummeled by pixies, chased, and menaced by a naiad! What is this place that harbors such creatures? What is the crime the Pixies are accusing her of? And how will Casey manage to get out of all this?

Tune in next time, to see what happens next!

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1 Melissa (My World...in words and pages) November 14, 2012 at 8:44 am

Sounds like a wonderful time at the festival. And you need to play cards once in a while. ;D

I’ve got to make time to get to my listen of The Cross of Columba. I’m behind in listening with preparing fro Nano. But, maybe I can get it in this weekend. That could be my reward…hm, that sounds like a good idea.

Sounds like quite an interesting world there for Casey. And that she’s in some trouble. 🙂 Have fun with it!

And your numbers are doing wonderful with all going on. Great job!


2 Doc Coleman November 14, 2012 at 5:29 pm

I hope you like it! I’m pretty lucky in that I can listen to podcasts/watch TV while writing. As long as they’re different kinds of mental processing, I can keep them straight.

I hope you enjoy The Cross of Columba. Kee and I did a lot of work on the audio. It was actually tougher than writing the story, but a really good experience, as we hope to produce other dramatic audio in the future.

Yeah, Casey’s in some deep trouble, on many levels. And she’s going to find out that there is a limit to what she can do for herself. Sounds like I need to switch gears and start writing…



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