Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wow! What a full weekend this was! As expected, Saturday and Sunday were taken up with the Carolina Renaissance Festival, and there wasn’t any real time to sit down and write. Ok, maybe there was a few hours I could have written, but instead I was seduced by the opportunity to play Cards Against Humanity with a bunch of new friends. It was a creative endeavor, although not very literary.

Monday was the drive home from North Carolina. I’m afraid I wasn’t nearly as productive writing on the way back as I was on the way down. Part of that was because of much more frequent stops on the trip back. Part of that was due to the looming clouds we had on Monday that were totally absent on Friday. I wrote enough to tread water and keep from backsliding farther, but I didn’t get my numbers updated until after midnight, which means that NaNoWriMo credited my words to today instead of yesterday.

Today, I was so worn out from the trip, and from fighting off this cold, that I called in to work and spent the day at home. I did manage to get some writing in, but I think I only managed to add about a thousand words, give or take, to Monday’s total. The story has moved along, but I’m about 4500 words behind where I should be. I should be at 21,666, but I’ve only gotten up to 17,166 words.

A lot of other things happened today, though. There’s lots more to be said about all the things going on, so I’ll be posting about them separately in the days ahead. For now, I’ll just list them on the other side of this cut… [click to continue…]