#NaNoWriMo 2012, Day 9

by Doc Coleman on November 9, 2012 · 4 comments

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Today we hit the road for a trip down to Charlotte and the Carolina Renaissance Festival. Armed with my iPad, a back of the seat iPad mount, and my Bluetooth Keyboard, I was ready to get to writing on the road! I actually had a pretty good day of writing, despite still trying to fight off whatever infection has snuck into my throat. My energy levels were up and down, so I did take a number of breaks on the trip. But I also got a good deal of writing done. I wrote 2,420 words on the road today, bringing the total for my novel up to 14,460!

The target for today is 15,000 words, so I’m still 540 words behind, but I did make some great strides at catching up. Tomorrow and Sunday I’ll be spending time at CRF, so I don’t know if there will be diary entries here, or if I’ll end up with no time to get any writing in. I’d like to at least squeeze some words in this weekend, just to keep in the habit, but I can’t guarantee that you’ll see a diary entry until Monday.

In today’s writing, we finally hit the top of that first hill in the dramatic roller-coaster. The bully has come after Casey at school, and while trying to get away from her, Casey has tripped… and fallen into a completely different world.

Her school has disappeared, and Casey now finds herself in the middle of the wilderness, with only her wits to help her survive. She doesn’t know how she got here, or how she’s going to get back. She’s not even sure if what she is experiencing is real or an illusion. All she really knows is that her best chance for coming through this in one piece is to go searching for help, in a strange new world where anything could be lurking around the corner!

Tune in next time, to see what happens next!

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