#NaNoWriMo, Day 4

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Another excellent day of NaNoWriMo! I still have no idea where this story is going in the short term, but once I get started with a scene, I seem to just get onto a roll. This book seems to be a lot more dialog and less action than I was expecting. That may change as I get into things more, but once my characters start talking, the dialog just seems to flow. Well, except for Peggy, but she’s a bit of a chatterbox, and I figure that I’ll flesh out some of her blatherings in the next draft.

But let’s start off with the good news. I had a great word count today, racking up 2465 words today. That put me over my personal word count and help me catch up a chunk of words that I missed on the 2nd. I’m now ahead of the curve for the whole 50,000 and just about 300 words shy of where I would be writing 2000 words a day. I could have pressed on for it, but I don’t want to burn out early. I’m good with making some regular progress.

So here’s today’s progress bar:

Now on to some details about today’s writing…

Today we were looking at Casey and Peggy, and the nature of their friendship. Casey finally realizes that Peggy has tried to be a good friend to her, but Casey hasn’t treated Peggy very well. Casey is strong enough to own up to this, and she apologises to Peggy for the way she’s acted.

This leads in to a scene where Casey is trying to work on her homework, but she sees something flitting about the room. She tries to find the thing, but instead is startled when her dad comes home. This leads to a heart to heart father-daughter talk where Casey tells her dad about the encounter with the bully, and the possibility that the girl will be coming back for a rematch.

Today’s writing really marks the move from setting up the beginning of the story and moving into the start of Casey’s story arc. Casey has gone from moping about her situation to realizing that she needs to change things. She’s opening herself up to forming a friendship with Peggy, who has tried to befriend her all along. It’s not the beginning of the roller-coaster ride just yet, but Casey has climbed into the car and started up the first hill.

Tune in for more excitement tomorrow!

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