#NaNoWriMo, Day 3

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Yesterday was a slow day on the NaNoWriMo front, but I made up for it today. I slept in late today, despite the best efforts of telemarketers and campaigning officials. I’m sure that any moment I’m going to hit the limit of how many phone numbers I can block on my home phone system. I am so sick of the constant interruptions of automated phone calls from strangers for whom I am a demographic rather than a person. After this election is over, I’m going to start campaigning my state and federal representatives to introduce legislation to outlaw all telemarketing. This is insane. On the phone you can’t tell the criminals from the legit companies, and now all of them ignore the Do Not Call list. The only way to stop this is to make it illegal, close down all the telemarketers and force the phone companies to pull the numbers these assholes are using to intrude into the lives of honest citizens.

I’ll be honest. I would rather legalize prostitution and marijuana and fire all the people working at telemarketer call centers. I think a lot of people would agree with me, too. But this post isn’t supposed to be about politics, but about NaNoWriMo…

So, after sleeping late and getting some lunch, it was time to write. I’m still pretty much groping my way along in this story. I’m sure that I’ll have to re-work the pacing and the flow in revisions, but for now I’m just cranking out the bits and pieces. I know where the action of the story flows from, but it is still too early to jump into the main story. I’m still establishing the setting and the groundwork of who my main character is, what she’s capable of, and what she wants.

Sometimes I worry that I’m laying some things on too heavily. In my mind I can hear a hypothetical reader saying “Yeah! i got that. Can we move on to the interesting stuff now?” I’m hoping that this is primarily because I know what the stuff that comes next is, even if I don’t know what I’m quite writing now. But I have to admit that I’ve discovered new stuff about my story by writing these establishing scenes. I’m creating new bit characters to flesh out the backgrounds a bit, but as I build them, I’m seeing new ways I can use these bit characters. They’re standing up and saying “I’ve got a character arc here! Use me! Make me a major character!” I find that I’m listening to them, too. I’m introducing them as stereotypes, but as I look at it, they become more interesting with an arc of their own, and the overall story has the potential to become more interesting.

Darn those characters.

So, what am I writing today? My story revolves around a fourteen year old girl, Casey Jackson. She’s a military brat, and her Dad just got a transfer to a stateside base so Casey’s mom could get better treatment for an undiagnosed problem with her brain. But instead of getting better, Casey’s mom gets worse and slips into a coma. Now it is two months down the line and Casey is hating life. She hates her new school, she hates being the new girl, and she misses her old school, her friends, and her mom.

So, todays writing centered around Casey’s new school, and why it sucks. This brings back a bunch of memories from high school and junior high about the various ways in which school so often sucks beyond the telling of it. And some of those memories made their way into the story.

Today we introduced a school bully and her cronies. Naturally, this means Casey has to stand up for someone else who couldn’t stand up for themselves, and get into trouble in the process. There is a bloody nose, and the rumor mill of young minds with too little information and too much imagination. Casey has a few useful talents, and in today’s writing she uses them, but they just seem to land her into more trouble.

What fun!

My first block of writing today netted me 1095 words, a very nice start. I took a break for a while, then went back into it. Things didn’t flow quite as well from there, but I kept with it, writing just a leeeetle bit more until I had brought today’s total up to 2624 words. That put me well over the pace for the day and caught up a chunk of the words I missed yesterday. My total word count is now up to 5229, putting me ahead of schedule for the regular NaNoWriMo pace, but 771 words behind where I wanted to be. Of course, if I do that again tomorrow, I’ll make up the difference easily.

Another thing I did today is stop writing before I finished the scene I was working on. This was deliberate. By leaving the scene unfinished, I have an idea of what I’m writing when I get started tomorrow, which should help me get into the grove for a healthy word count tomorrow!

So.. that’s it for today, but I am bringing back the progress meter! Look for it to appear more prominently in future posts. See you tomorrow!

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