November 2012

I was surprisingly productive yesterday! I got home from work in excellent time, and despite feeling tired all day, I was wide awake when I got home. Seeing that the nap I had expected to claim me was no where to be found, I decided to put my wakefulness to productive use and started writing!

By the time my wife came home from her errands, I had a good 800 words down and was speeding rapidly towards a thousand. This section was part of Casey’s being tested by the Primus, and the images were coming thick and fast, I just needed to type them! I quickly passed the daily word count and started making up some of the deficit. By the time I took a break for dinner, my story had hit 31,666 words, the target word count for the 19th! I was now less than a day’s writing behind. I stopped for dinner, then came back and did some additional writing before I had to stop for the day and see about packing for our Thanksgiving visit. When all the words were accounted, I had written 2,876 words for the day!

I’m still behind where I should be, but I’ve gone a good way towards closing the gap. And I’ve just had three days in a row when I’ve turned out an average of over 2500 words! For today, if I just break even, I think I’ll be in a good place to get through the Thanksgiving holiday.

And then there is the story…

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Another late night of writing last night. After getting home from work, I thought I was going to collapse and get some sleep, but my wife kept me up and engaged long enough to get through the post-work slump. We had dinner, and by the time we were done, I was fully awake and she was exhausted. So, while she went off to nap, I sat down to write.

The first thousand words seemed to be difficult to come by, but once I powered through those the going became easier. I kept up my mantra of “just another 250 words…” and managed to rack up just shy of 2500 words before I was ready to go to bed. Once again it was just before midnight, so I turned in for the evening and left this diary entry for the morning.

I’ve closed the gap between where I am and where I should be to about 2000 words. I don’t think I’ll be able to close that gap today, but I’d like to be able to take another 500 words off of it. Unfortunately, the reality of the situation is that I’ll probably end up falling further behind since I have to pack for a Thanksgiving visit tonight, and I’ve gone short on sleep enough that I’ll probably want to turn in early. I’ll be doing well if I can write enough words to break even tonight. I’ll probably fall further behind and end up looking to making the word count up this weekend.

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Rumors of my demise would be a premature exaggeration. But I have to admit that I felt like my demise was nigh on Thursday. I came home from work completely exhausted and then sacked out. I woke up at 8 PM to take my meds, and was just about to go right back to bed, when I remembered that I just needed about 500 words to take my story over 20k, and I had kind of promised you, my readers, that I was going to hit 20k on the 15th. So I sat down to write 500 words, and ended up writing just over 11oo before stumbling back to bed. Friday I wrote another thousand words before taking a break for dinner and to join Nobilis Reed for a recording hangout on G+. It was a fun time listening and talking with some of Nobilis’ fans. I may have to do something similar when I get to recording again. Afterwards, I wrote another 1500 words, but didn’t update NaNoWriMo until after midnight, so they got credited to Saturday. By then, I was too tired to work up a diary entry.

Saturday was completely booked from beginning to end, but I still managed to sneak in about 250 words on my iPad while riding in the car.

Sunday, I managed to pound out over 3000 new words, but that took me right up until midnight, and since I had to get up early for work, that again left no time to write up a diary entry.

Sooooo… I’ve had some good and bad writing days, but I haven’t gone a day without writing since the 11th. I am still about 3300 words behind where I should be, but I still have a chance to make it up. I just have to keep at it and keep pulling 2000+ word days. If I can get in enough writing with the four-day weekend coming up, I should even be able to pull ahead! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

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Feeling better today, and back to work. Still dealing with coughs and sneezes as my body tries to rid itself of the last of the infection, but I have a lot more energy. Unfortunately, I had to drive my carpool today, so I didn’t get to start writing until after work. Nor did I get a chance to work on any of the other posts I alluded to yesterday.

I did manage to work up a respectable word count, though. I set a personal goal of writing 2000 words today, and managed to get in 2,297 words. I’m now less than 4000 words behind where I should be, so that is a healthy chunk of recovery for the day. I’m still under 20,000 words, but I should break that barrier tomorrow. I will still have to rack up extra words for a while if I am going to finish on time. The goal as this point is to have no more days without writing.

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Wow! What a full weekend this was! As expected, Saturday and Sunday were taken up with the Carolina Renaissance Festival, and there wasn’t any real time to sit down and write. Ok, maybe there was a few hours I could have written, but instead I was seduced by the opportunity to play Cards Against Humanity with a bunch of new friends. It was a creative endeavor, although not very literary.

Monday was the drive home from North Carolina. I’m afraid I wasn’t nearly as productive writing on the way back as I was on the way down. Part of that was because of much more frequent stops on the trip back. Part of that was due to the looming clouds we had on Monday that were totally absent on Friday. I wrote enough to tread water and keep from backsliding farther, but I didn’t get my numbers updated until after midnight, which means that NaNoWriMo credited my words to today instead of yesterday.

Today, I was so worn out from the trip, and from fighting off this cold, that I called in to work and spent the day at home. I did manage to get some writing in, but I think I only managed to add about a thousand words, give or take, to Monday’s total. The story has moved along, but I’m about 4500 words behind where I should be. I should be at 21,666, but I’ve only gotten up to 17,166 words.

A lot of other things happened today, though. There’s lots more to be said about all the things going on, so I’ll be posting about them separately in the days ahead. For now, I’ll just list them on the other side of this cut… [click to continue…]


Today we hit the road for a trip down to Charlotte and the Carolina Renaissance Festival. Armed with my iPad, a back of the seat iPad mount, and my Bluetooth Keyboard, I was ready to get to writing on the road! I actually had a pretty good day of writing, despite still trying to fight off whatever infection has snuck into my throat. My energy levels were up and down, so I did take a number of breaks on the trip. But I also got a good deal of writing done. I wrote 2,420 words on the road today, bringing the total for my novel up to 14,460!

The target for today is 15,000 words, so I’m still 540 words behind, but I did make some great strides at catching up. Tomorrow and Sunday I’ll be spending time at CRF, so I don’t know if there will be diary entries here, or if I’ll end up with no time to get any writing in. I’d like to at least squeeze some words in this weekend, just to keep in the habit, but I can’t guarantee that you’ll see a diary entry until Monday. [click to continue…]


Another short writing day today, folks. The majority of my day has been spent preparing for an excursion down to the Carolina Renaissance Festival this weekend. This is part of an annual pilgrimage to visit with friends from all over the country at CRF in an event known as the CRF invasion. Today was spent packing everything up, so I didn’t get to writing until very late in the day. As such, I didn’t get much more than 1000 words written.

What did surprise me was the reaction to my political essay from yesterday. Overnight this has become my most popular post ever, and has set a new high water mark for this blog. What’s more, so far I’ve only received positive feedback from the post. Now, that may mean that it has only been seen by like-minded folks, or that those who disagree have just written me off as an idiot who isn’t worth their time. We’ll see. Still, it is nice to see that people are reading something I’ve written. [click to continue…]


Another short post today, folks. It seems like I got most of my words out in my earlier political essay. It hasn’t been an easy day. I woke up sick this morning, suffering from some overnight post-nasal drip. Bleah. I called in to work and went back to sleep and stayed there for quite a long time. When I got up, I had a bit of difficulty getting myself up and functioning. Then, when I did get my brain going, I ended up writing something else.

After dinner, I finally got around to working on my Novel. I only got in 883 words today, which means I’m falling behind a bit. I wrote approximately half of what I should have. Unfortunately, I”m running out of steam and need to get some rest.

Tomorrow, I’m taking off from work to get ready for a trip down to Charlotte this weekend. We need to get everything packed and ready so we can  hit the road early on Friday morning. For now, I’m calling it a day. See you all tomorrow, folks.


Normally, I’m a pretty apolitical person. I don’t usually go in for much political commentary, so you must realize that things have pretty much gone pretty far if I feel like there is a need to speak up. I’ll try to keep it short, but I understand if there are a lot of folks who just don’t want to hear it at this point. For that reason, I’m putting the rest of this post behind the cut. [click to continue…]


This is going to be a short one today, folks. I didn’t get a lot of words in today. They all came in a very grudging manner. But I did write today, and I did get enough words in that I am (slightly) ahead of the curve for NaNoWriMo. So, while I don’t have much of a lead, I am still on schedule to hit 50,000 words by the end of November.

Skipping down to the numbers, I got 1,036 words written, which puts me at 10,123 words so far. Here’s today’s progress bar:

Not much to say about today’s writing. I started late, and had tough going. I’ve started bridging to the beginning of the action arc, but I’ve still got some establishing work to do yet. Honestly, right now I’m very tired, so I’m just going to head off to bed. Hopefully tomorrow will be full of much better writing. See you then.