Another year has been vanquished!

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Once more, I stand victorious, having weathered the storms of another year. A lot has been thrown my way in the past year, but I’m still in the fight. While my weight loss has become more of a struggle in the past year, my health has gotten better. It still warms my heart when people tell me that I seem to be smaller every time they see me, even if I know it isn’t strictly true. While some things haven’t exactly taken off for me, I’ve still managed to move forward and gain a better understanding of the writing world that I’m trying to break into.

My plans have changed for the coming year, but I believe those changes will make me more successful in the future.

We’re on more solid ground financially now, even though we still have a mess of debt to pay down. Kee is still out of work, and things are still tight. For now we need to find some new ways to cut costs so we can get things paid off. I have had more paid writing this year, but it really hasn’t amounted to anything significant. I need to get more stories onto the market and build up a back catalog. That is one of my big goals for the coming year.

I’m still podcasting, although I haven’t been able to get my own episodes out as regularly as I did last year. This is because I’m also juggling a LOT more projects. I have been on more podcasts, though. I did a guest co-host spot on two episodes of The Roundtable Podcast, and appeared in an an episode of Nathan Lowell’s Talking on my Morning Walk. I’ve had more voice work opportunities open up for me, although it seems like some of the productions are going to take forever to release episodes. Two of those productions changed hands… and came into my hands. For the next year I’ve got two new full cast audio dramas to produce in addition to the work I have been doing. That’s a big order!

I returned to Balticon as a panelist for second time, and did a killer schedule of 12 panels, and had my first reading. The reading was well received, even though the audience was small. It is a great feeling to read from a work in progress and have someone come up to you and say, “I want this book!” I also had an acquisitions editor from a small press say “Send me your manuscript when you finish.” after hearing a description of my work in progress. Very heady stuff.

This past year I participated in NaNoWriMo for the first time, and managed to turn out over 50,000 words in the first draft of my novel. Unfortunately, the novel had over 75,000 words of story in it, and it took me more than six more months to get the first draft finished. So while that is a milestone accomplished, it seems I still have more to learn from NaNoWriMo. Soon I will begin editing that first draft and polishing off the rough edges. In the next year, I want to get it ready to submit. Which means that I’m also going to be looking for an agent. The Perils of Prague is the first book in a series, and the characters mean a lot to me. I want to place it as well as I can, even if it means that I may have to sit on it for a few years.

That means that I’m going to be starting something completely new this fall. A new novel and a completely new world. I haven’t even figured out what it is going to be, yet. But I do know that the next novel is going to be for podcast. I’m going to write a novel specifically for podcast, so I can get my name and my writing out there and build up an audience. My original plan had been to move on to creating the sequel to Perils, but that will have to wait for now. I’ve been toying with doing something in modern fantasy, or perhaps Sci-Fi. I need to come to a decision sometime soon.

I also need to get my short stories ready to publish! I’ve got two more short stories from Every Photo Tells… that I need to put out in text, plus another two shorts that need work so they can be submitted somewhere.

Yes, I am getting more serious about writing. And that raises some questions about what is going to happen to The Nifty Tech Blog, and The Shrinking Man Project. I don’t have enough time to keep both of those projects going, and deal with the writing, editing, and audio production that I want to pursue in the next year. I had hoped that I would be able to have some contributors for The Nifty Tech Blog, but where there has been interest in the past, it has been impossible to get people to actually turn in reviews. I’m not ready to close the doors on either of these projects, but will be making some changes in the coming year.

Swimming Cat Studios, has gone from being my hidden little corner of the net, to being the flagship of my new endeavors. You’re going to see a lot more here in the coming year. For now, I’ll just keep swimming.

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