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This week has been such a waste. I have gotten next to nothing done.

I’ve got a bunch of audio from Balticon that I’ve been wanting to put into the feed, and I’ve had next to no time to get it ready. The first panel, Steam Powered, with Phillipa Ballantine and Tee Morris, is almost ready, but I haven’t been able to work with it at all this week. I wanted to release it on Tuesday of LAST week. Obviously that didn’t happen.

And the litany of #FAIL goes on…

Monday I was so tired I just slept through the evening. Tuesday I at least got out to exercise, but after that I ended up pretty much fiddling around and not getting anything accomplished.

Wednesday ended up being a high-point of the week, even though I still didn’t make any progress on any of my projects. That was because my wife and I met up with Tee and Pip for dinner at Dogfish Head Alehouse in Gaithersburg. As a special bonus, Charlie, aka @Quonundrum, and his wife were in town and they joined us for dinner. We had a good time with much tasty food and beer and it was one of the few things this week that seemed worthwhile.

Yesterday, I was dragging all day long, although I don’t know why. I’d actually gotten more sleep than usual on Wednesday evening. I managed to drag myself through a long day at work, and a longer commute home. My wife let me get some rest, but then we had to head out to Costco to pick up some supplies. Unfortunately, we had hardly gotten there, when they informed us that they were closing. Somewhere along the way since the last time we’d been there, they started closing at 8:30 PM. We at least got a few needed things.

Today, I was so exhausted I ended up calling in to work. I slept in until about 11 AM. When I finally got up, I started battling recalcitrant technology. We’d had a power outage last Saturday, and since then Crash Plan hadn’t been working properly on the box that has been providing backups for Paul Fischer. I’d rebooted the box several times, but it kept freezing up, and otherwise being impossible to deal with. On top of that, I pulled out my scanner to scan a couple checks for my wife so they could be deposited in the bank. This is a portable document scanner, so the checks have to feed through it during a scan. Unfortunately, the checks wouldn’t pull through the scanner. Between this and the balky Crash Plan box, I was ready to throw things through the wall.

My wife recognized this, and dragged me out to see the movie Brave at the local theatre. The movie was very good, and I recommend seeing it. There were a number of girls in the row behind us that started talking during the closing credits. One of them asked, “Why are we here? This isn’t The Avengers.” They got up and left the theatre before the credits finished. So, naturally, this meant that there was a final post-credits scene. And they missed it. Silly children.

So… I am still trying to get things done, but don’t expect to see anything until next week. With luck, I can get some work accomplished this weekend. Without luck… tonight’s rain will kill the power again.

That would be bad.

So, if you’ve made it all the way to the end of this rambling gripe-fest, there will be more interesting things coming in the feeds, they’ve just been a little delayed.

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