It’s a draft! First Draft of the Perils of Prague is complete!

by Doc Coleman on June 10, 2012 · 0 comments

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Today, I finally completed my first draft of my first novel. This is a big milestone, but the work is far from over. The draft clocked in at 77,759 words, but I have to admit that there are a few notes stuck in there for things to be fleshed out, and a few sections I’m pretty sure that I’m going to cut. And given that I’m at least two editing passes from a submittable draft, the final version could be considerably longer or shorter.

Still, I think it is pretty respectable for my first time out of the blocks.

Of course, this is no time to sit backup upon my laurels. This is still a lot of work to be done, and I’m already planning out the next steps.

I have two alpha readers lined up who will be subjected to the harsh rigors of my manuscript in raw form. They’re each reading it for different reasons, but I am hoping to get some valuable feedback from both of them to apply when I begin my first editing pass.

The next step for me, will be to resume work on getting my short story “Welcome to Paradox” polished up and ready for publication as an e-book. I’m going to be self-publishing “Welcome to Paradox” as an e-book, just as I did with my first short “The Gift”. I already have some lovely cover art from Starla Huchton, I just need to get the text into a shape that is ready to publish.

In addition to that, I have a lot of work to do on two new audio productions that we’ve got coming down the line at Swimming Cat Studios. If you were at Balticon, you probably heard me talking about these shows. That was the sneak preview. We won’t begin talking about these shows in earnest for a while yet, but stay tuned, news will be coming soon.

Once I’ve got these projects moving along nicely and I am ready to turn back to editing The Perils of Prague, I’ll also begin looking for Beta Readers to help me polish the novel into something that is ready for submissions. Not everyone is cut out to be a Beta Reader. It isn’t just about getting to read the work before everyone else, it is also about giving constructive feedback about what did and did not work in the story. I’ll have more about what I’m looking for in a Beta Reader later, when I’m ready to begin my search.

Originally, I had been thinking that I would try podcasting Perils in order to build up my fan base and theoretically make the book more attractive to publishers. But the past two years have been full of me taking some pretty outrageous risks and having them pay off big, so I think I should be good for one more big risk. Once Perils is in submission shape, I’m going to starts shopping it out to publishers while I work on my next books. I’m still considering if I want to try to get an agent, but I figure that it can’t hurt me to give the big boys a chance at picking up my book. If no one buys it, I move to the smaller presses. If there is still no interest, I can still podcast it, or try self-publishing. The only thing I am really in danger of losing is time, and I’ve got plenty of projects, and stories to write, during that time.

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