I’m doing WHAT at Balticon 46?

by Doc Coleman on May 16, 2012 · 2 comments

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Oh, wait, I think that is supposed to be “What I’m doing at Balticon 46!”

No, on second thought, I think I may have gotten it right the first time.

Bit by bit, my schedule for Balticon 46 has come together, and now I am finally ready to share it in all of its titanic glory! And this year really is titanic. Somehow, when I said that I was willing to do up to 3 panels a day, it got interpreted as 3 panels for each day. Yes, I’m doing twelve panels this year! Plus a reading! The worst part? When I looked over the panels to see what I could back out of… I couldn’t find anything. All of my panels are either things I’d already agreed to do, cool subjects, or a chance to branch out into new areas and break out of the “comfort zone”.  So, if you want to see where I’ll be at this year’s Balticon, just click the link and get ready to make some notes. There’s a LOT!

We start the weekend off with two panels, and a meet and greet on Friday night:

Steam-powered: — Rage of the New Victorians

Friday at 5:00 pm in Parlor 1041

From werewolves of property to anti-zombie airship pilots, the Empire has struck back. Meet the writers of this Brave Old World.

Moderator: Georgiana Lee

Speakers: Tee Morris; Doc Coleman; Philippa “Pip” Ballantine,

A Touch of Slash – Rule 34 and the Podosphere — If it exists, there is porn of it.

Friday at 10:00 pm in Chesapeake

If it exists, there is porn of it. Let’s break down this year’s releases in the new media world, and see which of them are in desperate need of dirty fanfic.

Moderator: Paulette Jaxton

Speakers: Doc Coleman; Veronica R. Giguere; Jhada R. Addams

Late Night New Media Meet and Greet

Friday at 11:00 pm in Chesapeake

Glomp and squee over all your favorite New Media personalities as we judiciously round them up into one location with a tiny bottle neck cutting off all hope of their escape.

Moderator: Grig (Punkie) Larson

Speakers: Trish Wilson (Elizabeth Black); Doc Coleman; Paul Elard Cooley

Then the fun begins again with two more panels Saturday Afternoon:

Just Dandy: The Importance of Accessories in Steampunk

Saturday at 1:00 pm in Salon D

Finding the perfect accessories is vital to having the perfect steampunk costume: Find out the best places to get these accessories and tips and tricks to making your own.

Moderator: Elektra Hammond

Speakers: Janine K. Spendlove; Jared Axelrod; Doc Coleman; Rebecca K. Davis

The Shrinking Man Project — Live!

Saturday at 3:00 pm in Chesapeake

Live A live podcast discussing the ins and outs of weight loss hosted by the Shrinking Man himself. “Inspiration. Finding it, and being it.” Where do you find inspiration to make change in your life? How does that inspiration motivate you to get out and do, to write, to exercise, to improve your life? How can you be that inspiration for yourself, and for those around you? Join our discussion and share your thoughts on inspiration and its place in your work and your life.

Moderator: Doc Coleman

Speakers: Justin R. Macumber; Starla Huchton; Veronica R. Giguere; Tee Morris

Then a little late-night naughtiness at Midnight:

SF and Fantasy with a Twist

Sunday at 12:00 midnight in Salon B

Panelists discuss SF and Fantasy with a twist (or is that a kink) from authors like Laurel K. Hamilton, Cecilia Tan and others.

Moderator: Doc Coleman

Speakers: Veronica R. Giguere; Stephanie M. Burke

And then after some rest for the wicked, the it is a madly packed Sunday of panels, voice acting, and podcasts!

Galley Table Podcast — Live

Sunday at 2:00 pm in Chesapeake

Listen as the Flying Island Press pirates plan their next mutiny and perpetrate their upcoming literary larcenies.

Moderator: Scott Roche

Speakers: Laura Nicole Spencer; Doc Coleman

WordPress 101

Sunday at 3:00 pm in Derby

Learning to go from novice to hero using the WordPress content management system.

Moderator: Terri (Flynnstress) Vernon

Speakers: Chooch Schubert; Doc Coleman; Gary L. Lester

Home Brewing — How to get started and excel at making your own craft beer, wine, etc.

Sunday at 7:00 pm in Chesapeake

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” – Benjamin Franklin Our panel of novice and master home brewers take you through the basics of making your own craft brews at home. They will also explore the DIY philosophy that got them involved in home brewing, podcasting, open source software, etc.

Moderator: John Taylor Williams

Speakers: Doc Coleman; Thomas Gideon; Scott Roche

Stargazers Audio Drama

Sunday at 9:00 pm in Derby

The script can be found at GypsyAudio.org

Moderator: Laura Nicole Spencer

Speakers: Starla Huchton; Keith R. A. DeCandido; Tim Dodge; P.G. Holyfield; Paulette Jaxton; Scott Roche; Doc Coleman; Val Griswold-Ford; Kim, Comic Book Goddess

Dirty Mad Libs

Sunday at 10:00 pm in Chesapeake

Audience participation time! We’re going to take pieces of classic erotica, cut out the author’s carefully chosen words, and ask you to replace them with your own.

Moderator: Patrick Scaffido

Speakers: Starla Huchton; Doc Coleman

And on Monday we finish up with one last panel, and a reading:

The Zombie Apocalypse Survival Panel — Stay Alive

Monday at 1:00 pm in Derby

Our panel of experts will tell you how they plan to make it through the impending zombie apocalypse

Moderator: Paul Elard Cooley

Speakers: Gary L. Lester; Doc Coleman; Brennan Taylor; John Cmar

 Readings: Doc Coleman, Yoji Kondo and Gary Lester

Monday at 2:00 pm in Pimlico

Doc Coleman, Yoji Kondo and Gary Lester reading from their works. Please note that the authors are listed in alphabetical order, NOT in reading order. They’ll determine reading order amongst themselves.

Speakers: Gary L. Lester; Yoji Kondo/Eric Kotani; Doc Coleman

Ye gods!

And those are just the panels I’m going to be a part of! There are a few panels I’d actually like to attend. Hopefully ones that I’m not already scheduled directly against…

So, now you know where to find me at Balticon. I hope to see you there!

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