The Wayback Machine: Galley Table Episode Thirty-Two: Tromping Tropes!

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Once again the Wayback Machine has sputtered to life, taking us on a trip into podcasting past. Today’s adventure down memory lane takes us to April 16, 2011, where we will bear witness to the release of Episode 32 of Galley Table! In this episode we’re talking with Paulette Jaxton about her book The Empress Sword, and the place that various fantasy tropes take in the book.

Some special moments from the episode:

  • “When I am Scott Roche, I shall wear a purple dress and a large red hat.”
  • “It’s appropriate we kicked off the show talking about cross-dressing.”
  • “I’m envisioning the dragon mob…”
  • “It’s just business..”
  • “A lot of urban fantasy is trying to be romance.”
  • “If you circumvent or subvert every trope of that genre, it stops being part of that genre.”
  • “Elves! There must be elves!”
  • “Why are elves so special?”
  • “I blame Tolkien.”
  • “Anne Rice made vampires human.”
  • “You have to have that hero quest.”
  • “Do you have to have magic to be a fantasy?”
  • “Can you have a fantasy story where there is no magic, but everyone believes that there is?”
  • “How about Wizard of Oz? Is the wizard any less of a wizard?”
  • “Paging Mr. Lucas, Mr. Lucas, white courtesy phone…”
  • “You have to have an observer who knows that it is science.”
  • “It’s just a different kind of science.”
  • “One of the tropes of Doctor Who is that everything will be explained away as some kind of science.”
  • “Are there any women in this world that don’t go to 11?”
  • “We want more variety.”
  • “You got to have some good flaws…”
  • “I like the accidental hero a lot more than the chosen one.”
  • “I’d like someone to subvert the whole chosen one thing by having the chosen one turn out to be the loyal sidekick.”
  • “You didn’t see that when you saw the picture of the mullet?”
  • “It was the ’80’s. Who didn’t have a mullet?”
  • “You were the emo ninja.”
  • “Let’s get some pimpage going.”

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