And, in what seems like a blink of an eye, another week is gone.

But it has been productive. Northern Mist went through editing in what seems like a blink of an eye. I must admit that the editing process was vaguely disappointing. I was expecting more feedback. For once I’m experiencing the desire to continue hammering at a story to polish it further. It has been a new experience. That nagging feeling that says, “I can do better.”

But production schedules will not wait for me. So I have to move forward.

And move forward I have. I recorded the audio version of Mist and Kee is now editing it, although events have conspired to limit progress on that front. The plan is to turn in the audio within the week. Hopefully we can keep to the plan. Of course, once the audio is turned over, Tee and Pip will be doing their magic on it before it is scheduled for the podcast. In some ways, it is good that I’m not nailed to a particular schedule, as it gives me the chance to adjust to unanticipated events. There always seem to be unanticipated events. On the other hand, without a concrete schedule, there is a temptation to let things slide. A temptation to resist.

Unfortunately, it seems like everything else has slid by the wayside. It has been weeks since I’ve been able to fire up the Wayback Machine and try to get the Master Feed caught up. I’ve still been able to participate on the Galley Table, as that is only an hour a week, but I haven’t been able to turn out a new episode of The Shrinking Man Project. I got a book review posted here and over at the Nifty Tech Blog, but I still have two more reviews I need to write for books I’ve finished recently. I want to do the reviews justice, so I keep ending up putting them off until I know I can do a good job.

Not to mention being up to my epaulets in reading. I’ve got another overdue book review for James Crawford’s Blood Soaked and Contagious. I’ve had trouble getting into the book, as horror isn’t my usual genre. It doesn’t help that I only have the book in digital format and most of my reading is done at lunch at work where I can’t bring in any kind of e-reader. On top of that, I’ve also started reading the much-anticipated ARC (Advance Release Copy) for the new Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences novel, “The Janus Affair”. And then, of course, trying to keep up with “A Clash of Kings” while watching it on HBO.

One of these days I’ll learn to not take on too many projects. Probably not any time soon, though. Wish me luck, folks.

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