Springtime Sickness

by Doc Coleman on March 13, 2012 · 0 comments

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It is past time I put out some kind of writing update. Well past time, in fact, since I’ve done a fair amount of writing since the last update, although I haven’t gotten much written lately. The last time I had checked in here about my writing progress, was back on February 26th, over two weeks ago, and at that time I’d written about 1000 words on “Mist”, bringing it up to about 1800 or so words. I followed this up by stealing some time on the ride in to work by writing during the carpool into work for about 300 words a pop. This got “Mist” up to about 2500 words. Not really great progress.

Then on March 4th, I sat down to do some serious writing, and managed to plow through the vast majority of the story, adding another 3500 words and bringing “Mist” up to 6000 words. I’d added a seventh scene in the middle of the story, I really needed the transition, and had everything written but the last scene. Nice progress for a day of writing.

I spent the rest of last week trying to get some other priority items off my table. This included something for my day job, scheduling items for Balticon 46, and another episode of my podcast so I can release a promo before the 16th. But after clearing those things out, I still needed to finish up “Mist”.

Last Friday night I tried to get back to it and finish off the story. I started the last scene, but after about 800 words I gave up. It was too late, and I was just too exhausted. It also proved to be the pre-cursor to me getting sick. The darned weather changes in the DC area have gotten to me again. Freezing temperatures in the morning and 60+ degrees in the afternoon have thrown my system out of whack and given me a very unpleasant sinus infection. I’ve spent the last two days sick in bed and feeling rather puny.

Today, I am back to work, but I expect that my production is going to take a downturn for a bit, until I can fight my way back to health. Unfortunately, I’ve got too many deadlines to day to take much time off this week. Gotta get things done.

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