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About ten days ago, I posted about being invited to write in another author’s universe. At the time, I was ecstatic just for being offered the chance to contribute to another author’s universe. Of course, the easy part is getting the invitation. Then you have to come up with an actual idea for the story, get it approved, and then write the sucker.

This weekend, I took a big step forward. I came up with an idea, wrote it up, and sent it in. And the author loved it! OK, there were a few changes, but other than that, loved it!

Now the hard work begins: actually writing the story. I took some time today to get what notes I had organized in Scrivener, and plotted out a loose structure of my story. In the past, I’ve just started writing because the story has only been in my head. That changed with NaNoWriMo. When I started on Perils, I needed to plot out how the events were going to proceed in the story before I could get started. So I made up a loose list of chapter names. Not even an outline, just chapter names to remind me what needed to happen in that chapter. And it worked. So I’m trying it again. I’ve broken the pitch I sent in down into a number of specific scenes and built the structure for those scenes in Scrivener.

The code name for this new WIP is “Northern Mist”. Until it gets released, or until I get permission to talk more openly about it, that is how I’ll be referring to this project. In addition to laying out the structure, I also started writing on “Mist”. I wrote up the first scene for the story tonight, cranking out about 660 words for the scene.

I have noticed that in my writing process I tend to need to start off with a scene that sets the stage for the rest of the story, but doesn’t directly involve any of the main characters. Given that this is a short story, I rather suspect that this first scene will get cut in editing. But even if it does get cut, I feel that this is a scene that I need to write in order to get the atmosphere for the rest of the story right. It sets the stage in my mind, and that helps the rest of the story flow.

Of course, I had said that I wasn’t going to start anything new until I had finished Perils. That isn’t going to be strictly possible right now, but I at least need to make sure that progress on Perils continues. So, I put in some time tonight working on Perils. I only managed to get about 450 words written, but I did manage to finish the chapter that I was working on. Unfortunately, I also realized that I’m going to need at least one more chapter in addition to the ones I had planned, so I still have three chapters left to go in the book.

So I’ve managed to get about 1100 words written today, and kept things moving forward. Tomorrow I’m back to work on podcasting. Hopefully I’ll get in some time for writing as well.

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