The Wayback Machine: Galley Table Episode Twenty-Eight: E-book Pricing

by Doc Coleman on February 10, 2012 · 0 comments

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If you’re also a listener to The Shrinking Man Project, you’ll know that I have one final surgical procedure coming up in the beginning of February. If you’ve been following my Twitter feed, you’ll know that this procedure is today. So, while I’m off getting operated on, and recuperating, I thought I’d bring you another treat from the Wayback Machine. Today’s offering comes from March 26, 2011, and it is another Galley Table episode. In this one, we’re talking about strategies for e-book pricing. Our guest for this show is the lovely and talented Veronica Giguerre.  As ever, notes, and the episode after the jump.

Quotes from the episode:

  • “If you’re going to go, Doc, go all the way.”
  • “Throw the hand grenade at your baby.”
  • “How much is information worth?”
  • “Put it out there where people can get it for free, and if they like it enough, they’ll come back and buy physical books.”
  • “The price that you’re putting out has to reflect the value of the book.”
  • “Is textbook pricing an artifact of the past?”
  • “Textbook prices are analogous to the prices of  snacks at major sporting events.”
  • “The publisher is setting the price.”
  • “There is the perception of a 99 cent book being a throw-away, or lesser quality.”
  • “The podcast becomes the loss leader to get you interested in the printed versions.”
  • “You may have other reasons for building your audience, but tangled in there you want to get this paid for somewhere.”
  • “I may be a liberal, but I am also a capitalist.”
  • “When they dropped it to 99 cents, the sales went down.”
  • “Every book has its own sweet spot.”
  • “Don’t worry, we can edit out the silence.”
  • “We are professional podcasters here.”
  • “I keep track of how much time I spend on each chapter.”
  • “Since Doc is running around…”
  • “We asked the question and waited for about two minutes before we realized you were no longer on the call.”
  • “There is no mute on the cat, sorry.”
  • “I’ll go ahead and start up the pimping.”
  • “I think I have a pimp hat somewhere here I can put on.”
  • “Prussian blimp dragons? Excellent!”


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