The Wayback Machine: Galley Table Episode Twenty-Six: Genres and Group-ies

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This time we’ve set the Wayback Machine to March 14th, 2011, when the Galley Table crew got together for episode twenty-six and a talk about writers groups, genre fiction, and entertaining the audience. We discuss what you can expect from writing groups, and how to get the most out of your writing group experience.

And, naturally, I’ve picked out some entertaining quotes from the episode.

  • “Hands above the desk, Mr. Hite.”
  • “Wow, we went from smut to that and already the clean tag is gone.”
  • “You’ve got to have somebody who’s not you reading this fiction.”
  • “The first thing you’ve got to do in any kind of storytelling is to connect to your audience.”
  • “Literature just means written.”
  • “Sparkly vampires?”
  • “Walk the plank. Walk the plank now.”
  • “We put a bunch of genres in a blender, put it on puree, and this is what came out!”
  • “Implying that genre fiction isn’t serious is just too high brow for me.”
  • “The primary motive for most genre fiction is just entertaining.”
  • “The primary purpose of any fiction should be to entertain.”
  • “Boy, I’m just controversial tonight!”
  • “You have to call that other stuff something. What else would you call it?” “Fiction.”
  • “These stories were not literary fiction. They were popular fiction when they were written. The only reason they’re literary fiction now is because they’ve withstood the test of time while their contemporaries faded.”
  • “The minute you throw a werewolf or a space ship into the picture, it’s no longer literary fiction.”
  • “That sounds like science fiction.” “You live on a space ship, dear.”
  • “Is the concept of genres becoming less meaningful?”
  • “We are your mental blender.”
  • “It’s only Tuesday.”
  • “The concept of a single genre becomes archaic.”
  • “I’m going to avoid these definitions…”
  • “The good was good, and the bad was bad.”
  • “You knew who to cheer for, you knew who to boo at…”
  • “The clean tag will definitely be disrupted by this…”
  • “You’re in love with Drew Barrymore?”
  • “I get to steal your answer because I get thrown under the bus first.”
  • “Laura, I hope you were never a boy.”
  • “We will see you next week.” “Now walk the plank.”

Mentioned on the podcast:

This was a surprisingly serious and insightful conversation that managed to wander very far afield without losing any of its quality. Not so much of our usual madcap humor, but an excellent look at the way the literary and genre communities view each other. I think you’ll enjoy it!

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