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Well, it is official. I will be returning to Balticon as a participant again this year. I am looking forward to being a part of the program, as Balticon has always been an excellent experience for me. Even last year when I got sick at the con. The schedule is still being worked out by the con organizers, but there area few things that I know will be on my schedule for this year.This year Jared Axelrod and I will be doing a panel for the Costuming Track entitled “Just Dandy! The Importance of Accessories in Steampunk”. At least, that is the title that I turned in. I think that when I saw it on the tentative list of panels it had gotten mangled a bit. We shall see if I can get it corrected. The presentation focuses on men’s fashion, after all, we are talking about dandies here. The idea comes from a conversation we had last year that after the basics of an outfit are covered, what separates the dandies from the crowd is the ability to accessorize. We’ll be evolving the presentation as we get closer to the con. Or we’ll leave it to the last minute and make it up on the spot. We’re good like that.

Two other panels that are planned to return for this year are the live recordings for The Shrinking Man Project and Galley Table. This year’s Shrinking Man Project Live! topic is “Inspiration: finding it, and being it”. We will be looking at how to build enthusiasm for your projects, be it your new novel, or losing the next 20 pounds. I hope to get Val Griswold-Ford and Tee Morris back on the panel this year to talk about their progress, and with luck we will also be joined by Veronica Giguere. Galley Table Live! will also return, and we may even have a guest and a topic.

I’ve recently agreed to do voice work on P.C. Haring‘s new podcast project. In fact, this news is so new, I don’t really have all the details yet. I do know that it is going to be a major role, and that based on what P.C. did with Cybrosis, I look forward to being a part of the project.

I may also be doing some voice work for a new project by Laura Nicole for this year’s Balticon. We shall have to see how that project develops.

Work on Perils continues, although things have been going slowly of late. I think I’m going to have to go back to stealing time on the way into work for writing. I have offered to do a reading of my work for Balticon this year, and I’d like to have Perils far enough through the editing process to read exerpts from the manuscript. Of course, this means I’ve got to get moving now.

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