The Wayback Machine: Galley Table Episode Twenty-Five: Cat Herding

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Despite a couple months of disuse, I’ve managed to get the Wayback Machine fired up here, and we’ve set the verniers to March 4th, 2011 for another episode of The Galley Table! Specifically, we’re talking about Galley Table number twenty-five, where we discuss the joys and pitfalls of organizing audio dramas and other large projects over long distances with guest Ayoub Khote. We also end up talking about some of our favorite projects we’ve listened to over the past year.

Some notable quotes from the episode:

  • “Oh, I love the way it keeps growing!”
  • “That’s what she said.”
  • “And that’s the clean tag…”
  • “We can fix this in post. Except we won’t.”
  • “Good heavens, man, when do you sleep?”
  • “I’m very nocturnal.”
  • “We had this whiny person that wanted it…”
  • “My ego is bigger than Laura’s.”
  • “So, you’re using Second Life as your soundstage and your theme park?”
  • “What is your release schedule like?”
  • “Avedon Hill.”
  • “You’re ending each episode properly on a cliffhanger, right?”
  • “They’re not zombies, they eat anything.”
  • “I haven’t threatened anyone yet.”
  • “That was ‘I was alive’?”
  • “I should have shot you in the head instead of in the knee.”
  • “I did a version of the song from the end of Portal, ‘Still Alive’.”
  • “Fetidus is amazing!”
  • “He’s gonna kill me.”
  • “Yes, I am Satan.”
  • “This is the year that you’re going to not suck.”
  • “Suck the suck right out of it!”
  • “Do it now!”
  • “He responds easily to threats.”
  • “I actually got to play with your voice just recently.”
  • “It’s that kind of show.”
  • “The best audio book I listened to in 2010 has got to be The Gearheart.”
  • “In order to prevent Zack from singing…”
  • “I’m going to stall while my browser opens…”
  • “Noir Zombie Ninja Pirates!”
  • “It was a romance novel and it was hot!”
  • “Poor me, sackcloth and ashes!”
  • “Twelfth Legion of Gaul, I Choose You!”
  • “Shinto religion and professional wrestling…”
  • “… a column that I wrote in Issue Four of Flagship! Just released!”
  • “We can’t say Issue Four often enough…”

Mentioned on the show:

Nathan Lowell
The Shrinking Man Project
HG World
View From Valhalla
Central Desktop
The Gearheart
The Rookie
Just After Sunset
Stories I Told Myself
Weather Child
A Fall of Moondust
Captain’s Share
Assam and Darjeeing
His Dark Materials
Codex Alera

Nutty Bites
Explorer’s Anthology

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