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The whole point of having this blog was so I could keep you, the reader updated on the status of my latests projects. And, because I knew that you were looking for updates, I’d update my projects, and then post status. Which would bring you, the reader, back around to read.

And a whole vicious cycle ensues.

Except I haven’t been doing too well on all of that lately…

I do give myself some slack from the fact that I am on the mend from surgery just before New Year’s. It has been two weeks since my operation, and while I’m back to work again, my energy levels are still pretty low. I’ve been very grateful for my car pool of late, as I haven’t had to deal with rush hour traffic after a full day of work yet. But I know that day is coming.

I had intended to get the Wayback Machine fired up last week, but I just couldn’t find the energy. But I’m not here to apologize for that.

Last Sunday, despite the fact that I was worn out from an outing the day before to Brunswick, Maryland for the annual games day, I sat down to write a few words on Perils. By the time I got up, I’d written just shy of 900 words, the most words I’ve done in a stretch since my surgery. And a bit of writing in which I’d gotten my characters out of a literal cliffhanger.

What I didn’t do was post about it here and let you know that I’d managed to make some progress. D’oh!

So I’m making up for it now, and offering my apologies for the delay. It’s the least I can do.

Now, it’s time for me to get back to work.

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