#NaNoWriMo, Day 17 – Recap

by Doc Coleman on November 17, 2011 · 0 comments

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The last few days have been pretty busy. On the 15th, we spent the afternoon packing up furniture in Georgia. I tried writing, but I was so tired after the day’s exertions, I barely cleared 1000 words. On the 16th, we drove back to Maryland with our truck filled with my inheritance. I was able to write along the way and added 2018 words to my novel during the course of the 13 hour trip. Today, I went back to work. After working for a full day, my wife and I got started unpacking the truck. We got most of the furniture out, but still have some of the bigger pieces to unload. Tried to write tonight, but I am feeling drained again. I finally managed to clear 1023 words for today, but I’m pretty much done in. At least I’m ahead of the curve.

28414 / 50000

Today’s character torture has been all about trying to figure out a mystery, and discovering what pieces you don’t have. Oh, and still under arrest, and not trusted. Also featured, a mention of the Killer Clockwork Budgies of Doom, and Mind Control Music!

Ok. I’m done. See you tomorrow.

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