#NaNoWriMo, Day 7

by Doc Coleman on November 8, 2011 · 0 comments

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Tough day of writing today. Did a full day of work, came home, exercised, showered, got very, very tired, then finally managed to begin writing. The going was slow, not because I didn’t know what happened next, but because I had no energy. I hope I am not catching my wife’s sore throat. I cannot really afford any more time off than necessary. But with my wife’s help making dinner and a bit of dogged determination, I persevered. Final word count for the day was 2025, bringing my total count for my novel up to 15,760! It still feels weird to say “my novel”.

015760 / 50000

The character torturing continues. My PoV character has finally been released from police custody, but now finds himself alone in an unknown district of a foreign city. The odd strangers he got blown up with have also been released and have offered him a ride, only to have the entire group set upon by the Killer Clockwork Budgies of Doom! (Doom! Doom!). They manage to survive the encounter and are wisked up into an airship! And that is about all for today.

Except I really like saying Killer Clockwork Budgies of Doom! 😀

Happy NaNo, folks. Time for bed for me.

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