#NaNoWriMo, Day 2

by Doc Coleman on November 2, 2011 · 2 comments

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After a truly execrable morning, I managed to find some time this afternoon to sneak in a few words of writing. And I do mean sneak. The events of the morning had caused me to get to work quite late compared to my usual schedule, so I was still at work when my scheduled writing time came about. However, I had already completed about all the work I could reasonably do during the day, so barring someone getting back to me, I had already gotten in my daily production.

Once again it was difficult to get going on today’s chapter of writing. I knew the action of the scene, but I wasn’t quite sure how to work into it. Finally I just picked an approach and went with it. I can always change it later in editing, right?

About 500 words in I was beginning to wonder if I was going to hit my pace for the day. Things seemed to be dragging and it was hard to pull the sentence out. But then I got into the action of the scene. Once things started happening, my narrator’s voice really came out and I was rolling out words almost faster than I could type them.

I rounded out the day with 2107 new words. So two days in I’ve got 4805 words towards my novel and I have completed three chapters. I even added today’s writing to my novel info as the Excerpt. If you’d like to check it out, just go look at my NaNoWriMo Profile.

It is early yet, but I’m going to call it a day for now. Don’t want to burn out. Besides, I’ve got words to write tomorrow, too.

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1 Ravven November 3, 2011 at 1:02 pm

I love it – and look forward very much to reading the book someday!


2 Doc Coleman November 3, 2011 at 1:45 pm

Thank you! I have to admit that once I hit the point where the words just flow, I’ve really been enjoying writing this. Considering that it started as a short story, I’ve been a little worried that I won’t be able to get it up to novel length. But now I’m beginning to have faith that I can make the length. It has become more of a question of how twisty the plot is going to become before it is done!

How is your story coming? I noticed that your word count went up really quickly for the past two days. Planning on finishing early?



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