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by Doc Coleman on October 11, 2011 · 0 comments

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Chris Miller, one of the founders of, came to me in late August and asked if I would be willing to read a book and write a review for The Secret Lair, his online magazine dedicated to the plight of the grown up geek trying to survive in this modern world long enough to achieve world domination. Because I’m a nice guy, and it represented an opportunity to reach out to new readers and listeners, I agreed. Chris sent me an e-copy of Gary McMahon’s “Dead Bad Things”. I’m not really a fan of horror, but I gave the book a read, and my review went live yesterday over at The Secret Lair. Please check it out, and take a peek at some of the other things that Chris and his partners in crime have to say about the state of geekdom.

And let Chris and I both know if you liked the review and would like to see me do more of them for The Secret Lair.

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