The Wayback Machine: Galley Table Episode 22 – Roleplay

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The Wayback Machine is powered up again, and this time we’re traveling back to February 11th, 2011. Once again, we’ve got an episode of Galley Table. This week’s episode features guests Willie Freeman and the lovely Veronica Giguerre. In this episode we are talking about voice acting, playing roles, roleplaying games, and discussing the various offerings coming up from Incubator Press, Willie’s company.

Some quotes from the show:

  • “Where were you when you realized that mankind had completely lost the war on zombies?”
  • “That’s how you practice your voice acting. You screen calls and when the telemarketers call you drop into the Pandemona voice.”
  • “It’s called voice acting practice time.”
  • “They either hang up or they start laughing at you.”
  • “Answer our trivia questions and Veronica Giguerre will do the message on your voice mail!”
  • “So… you were gaming with Mercedes Lackey?”
  • “Mercedes Lackey was playing an MMORPG?” “Yes!”
  • “Sounds like there are a few other storytellers here who are gamers.” “Yes…”
  • “We always play on the evil side.”
  • “Let’s all walk on the evil side of the map!”
  • “Some of the best stories I can think of off the top of my head are from video games.”
  • “You kids and your fancy-smancy video games.”
  • “You’re stepping on me, Doc.”
  • “Having to rely on your imagination for your game…”
  • “We played D&D, Champions, Lords of Creation, just about any gaming system under the sun. You had to have a great grasp of character.”
  • “Our GM offered extra experience for write ups of each weeks adventures. So I wrote them up as my characters would write them…”
  • “Not just a pimp, a demon pimp. Nothing says sinning like trafficking in demons.”
  • “Kind of the Huggy Bear to your Starsky and Hutch?”
  • “High School and college is the time when people are supposed to get all their stupid out.”
  • “He’s a teenaged necromancer.”
  • “He’s going to save people by killing them and raising them as zombies.”
  • “They zombies are not as dumb as they thought they were.”
  • “Skype, for all your lack of communication needs!”
  • “What was that? Trashy two-bit tease?”
  • “I have fun making funny voices in my microphone.”
  • “Reading for Laura and reading for Midsummer Night’s Dream wassomuchfunIwanttodoitagain!”
  • “It’s awkward question time!”
  • “To heck with it, I like writing!”
  • “You’ve been mainlining Galley Table Podcasts?”
  • “I’m on this show and I don’t even listen to it.”
  • “Laura revealing her age is actually my ring tone.”
  • “Scott has a battle cry?”
  • “It’s a love-hate relationship.”
  • “I’m somebody’s hero.”
  • “Lack of confidence and Angry Birds.”

That is it for this trip through the Wayback Machine. While you’re waiting for the next one, we invite you to listen to Veronica’s work on The Secret World Chronicle. There is a lot of good listening there. And we’ll be back on Wednesday to fire up the machine again. See you then!

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