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Time to start off the week with another trip through the Wayback Machine! Today’s jaunt into the past takes us to January 21st, 2011 and Episode Nineteen of The Galley Table. In this episode we are joined by Starla Huchton of The Dreamer’s Thread fame. We are also joined by Flying Island press crew JP Losier, the ninja of podcasting, as we examine supporting Podiobooks and your favorite artists. We also discuss getting paid for writing, and some ways that social media can be used to spread the word. And, of course, silliness ensues.

So sit back, relax and listen along as we discuss:

  • Making fun of Evo Terra.
  • Nathan Lowell brings Podiobooks to its knees by releasing a new book.
  • Bravery or guilt?
  • The power of Mother’s Guilt.
  • Goodbye Clean tag.
  • The economic hit.
  • Audible vs. Podiobooks (Cage match!)
  • Doesn’t the author deserve to be paid for their work.
  • Pennies add up.
  • Which do you prefer? Lots of small donations, or a few big payoffs?
  • Touching the larger community.
  • Rich stalkers.
  • Podcast fiction: a different animal?
  • Cliffhangering bastardy.
  • Serial Fiction vs. Novels.
  • The Venn diagram of audio fiction.
  • “Maximizing the potential of the media”
  • Keeping the reader engaged.
  • Where do the hits come from?
  • Go where your audience is.
  • Like getting slash dotted or boing-boinged.
  • Serendipity.
  • The humor of awkward pauses.
  • Don’t make me pull this podcast over!
  • Finding and building communities.
  • Participate, don’t just spam.
  • Better groundswell than Oprah.
  • The Minion Effect.
  • A small percentage of obsessive fans.
  • Influencers.
  • Minion Pride.
  • Minions are good to have.
  • Controversy for popularity.
  • Pimping stuff.
  • Full of win.
  • A mime is a terrible thing.
  • The Uwe Boll effect.
  • Goodnight serenade.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode and will be back on Wednesday for the next trip via the Wayback Machine!

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