The Wayback Machine: Galley Table Episode Eighteen – Potpourri

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Today we are letting the Wayback Machine take us back to January 15th, 2011. We didn’t have any guests, so this one is just me, Scott RocheZach Ricks, and Jeff Hite. Join us as we send up Star Trek captains, self publishing, and author love. And somewhere along the way we actually managed to have a semi-serious discussion about the craft of writing. Give it a listen!

Some episode highlights:

  • Weebles Wobble.
  • “Hold my head underwater, I speak French fluidly.”
  • Copyright infringement.
  • Picard was a wuss.
  • Being a professional writer.
  • Politicians and Prostitutes.
  • What are our stories really worth?
  • Smashwords love!
  • Dan Sawyer, Man of many talents.
  • “Nothing sells a back catalog like a back catalog.”
  • The Trunked Novel.
  • You’ve got to maintain quality.
  • Shape-shifting, Vampire-killing, biker chicks!
  • Can you write a novel that someone will buy?
  • The editorial process.
  • Hiring an editor.
  • The Microsoft Grammar Mangler.
  • “There is no excuse for not doing a final read through or listen through.”
  • Criticizing the Future Dark Overlord. Or at least his editing minions.
  • It’s a great time to be creative!
  • Thank you, listeners!
  • Moose curling.
  • There are no short cuts.
  • How do you practice and rehearse writing?
  • Work your way up to Old Man and the Sea, and then kill yourself.
  • Geek rumble!
  • Put in the time.
  • First and foremost, you need to write.
  • Second you need to finish what you write.
  • Third, you need to show it to someone else.
  • Heinlein’s Rules
  • To be successful, you need a cheerleader, a critic, and an honest opinion.
  • Brutal honesty.
  • You have to separate yourself from the work.
  • Manage your expectations.
  • Know what you’re doing and why.
  • There is work involved.
  • Wacky, madcap, in depth writing analysis.
  • Pragmatic violence.
  • To boldly go near… and far… near… and far!
  • To seek out new worlds and new breakfast cereals.
  • The dread star fleet captain.
  • Captain Dresden.
  • Around the universe in 80 days.

I hope you enjoyed the episode. We’ll have something new from the Wayback Machine on Monday!

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