The Wayback Machine: Every Photo Tells…: Episode 32 – Welcome to Paradox

by Doc Coleman on September 15, 2011 · 0 comments

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My second submission to the Every Photo Tells… podcast went live on October 24th, 2010. This story was an interesting challenge. The prompt photo featured a shot of a spooky face graffiti-ed onto a wall, with a man lying on the sidewalk next to the wall and box sitting at his feet. The picture was oddly engaging, but left me confused as to how to proceed. The objects in the image were discordant with each other. They didn’t fit. And that became my hook. They didn’t fit. A man out of place. And that soon became a man out of time. I’ve always been fond of time travel stories, so I wrote one of my own. Welcome to Paradox, the story of a man convicted of a crime he had yet to commit, and how his sentence nearly destroyed the fabric of the universe. Sometimes, the only person you can depend on is yourself…

I hope you enjoy listening to this story. I am proud to say that it was nominated for a Parsec Award in the Best Speculative Fiction Story (Short Form) category. Competition in this category was fierce and I did not make it into the finals. Maybe next year…

Later this fall I plan to put this story up on Smashwords for those folks who prefer text. Or who just like doing all the voices themselves. I’ve been tied up of late trying to untangle some other projects, but as soon as that is taken care of, the next thing on my list is getting this story ready for release.

If you like this story, please go to the Every Photo Tells… site and sample some of the other stories. Or better yet, go to and subscribe to the Volume 1 collection of stories from the podcast.


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