July 2011

Some people fear birthdays. They hide them. They deny them.

Not me.

For me, a birthday is a victory celebration! Another year to stride upon this Earth, win battles, and fight off death for another day.  In the end to plunge my banner into the heart of another year and cry to the heavens that this year will not defeat me! I have taken on all that it had to dish out and I remain standing! Victorious!

But not everyone sees it like that.

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To try to make things a little easier for folks to find my various projects, I’ve set up a new splash page for DocColeman.com. This new page links to each of the major projects that I have going, providing a simple launch point for anyone looking into my work. Please take a look at the page and let me know what you think of it.

Right now, it is just a basic page, but I may end up moving some things over to that site, such as some of the galleries and the Lee of the Scale blog from scaleslea.net. It will depend on what happens with the host for that site.