Set Sail for Treasure Island!

by Doc Coleman on June 10, 2011 · 0 comments

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For those who have waited and wondered and hoped, the fateful day has arrived at last! Flying Island PressPirates Cove has set forth on a new literary journey, Treasure Island. Those ready to set sail on this journey can begin with the first chapter, to be found here. Those who wish to follow the entire tale had best set their course for the Podcast Feed.

It is my great privilege to have leant my talents to voicing the tale of Treasure Island as the Narrator, an adult Jim Hawkins. Joining me in this first episode are Jeff Hite, as Billy Bones, Michell Plested as the young Jim Hawkins, and Dan Absalonson as Dr. Livesey. We all hope that you shall enjoy our telling of the tale. Should you be so moved to an expression of gratitude, you should be relieved to note that 60% of any donations to the production will be passed on to the actors, with the smaller portion of donations going to support future productions from Pirates Cove.

We also hope that you will spread word of this production so that others may share in it and find it pleasing to their ears as well.

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