The Wayback Machine: Galley Table Episode Three

by Doc Coleman on April 30, 2011 · 0 comments

in Galley Table

My return to the Galley Table! This marks my beginnings as the Galley Table Stowaway. I knew when Galley Table was to be recorded, so I went onto Skype a few minutes early and hoped that they would include me on the call. And that is pretty much what happened. Scott Roche placed the call and included me in with everyone else.

Back in those days, I pretty much considered myself as an “extra” guest on the podcast. I stayed quiet at the beginning, letting the regularly scheduled guest have their say first before chiming in with my two cents.

This show wandered a bit from topic to topic. Among the topics covered were the perceived legitimacy of electronic publishing, and how to bridge from a short story to a longer novel. The last is interesting because I think that is something that I hope to do in the coming year.


More to come from The Wayback Machine. And a lot more Galley Table, at that.

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