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by Doc Coleman on March 6, 2013 · 4 comments

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… someone else.

Oh, well. While it would have been nice to get a job offer right out of the gate, it would also have been pushing the odds a bit too far. But I’m not really discouraged. I submitted my audition on ACX last Tuesday, and on Thursday, I got contacted by two different authors inquiring about my availability. That was a little unexpected. Of course, these were just inquiries, not actual job offers…

Sadly, one of the properties was a first novel that did not look like it had good prospects for earning. Of course, it can be hard to tell with first novels. Usually, they have issues dealing with obscurity, but they can break out and really catch fire. I sadly turned this one down. Part of my issue is that I am looking at a potential loss of hours this summer, so I need to choose jobs that will readily pay for themselves. I hope I’m wrong and I regret this decision later, but it is better for me to regret not doing the book than to regret doing it.

The other book is still a possibility, but that is still in discussion and there is no telling which way it will go.

Speaking of discussions, this particular turn of events led to a very helpful discussion with Veronica Giguere over Twitter. She gave me some pointers on what to look for to find ACX properties that are more likely to be earners, and that has caused me to re-evaluate my strategy for picking properties for auditions. Before I was looking at Fantasy and Sci-Fi properties, the kind of things that I would enjoy reading. The reality is that Fantasy and Sci-Fi doesn’t really sell all that well. Oh, it is a viable market, but it isn’t the leader.

The leading market? Romance.

So, yes, I am looking at romance novels as potential audiobook work. I’ve even picked out a couple of properties I’m planning on auditioning for. Just going to take some time to work up the audio with everything else that is going on.

And there is a good bit going on. My wife is scheduled to have surgery next week, which means I’ll be taking some time off from work to look after her during her recovery. Which means I’ve got to work that much harder at work before  the surgery, and then work after I get home to prepare the house so that she can move around during her recovery. This has squeezed out a lot of other things.

I’m still working on laying out “Paradox” so I can release it as an e-book. I want to get it out by the end of the month, but my time has been sparse lately. It is possible that I’ll be able to make some progress while I am off of work and get caught up, but these things can also be unpredictable.

I’ve got some other work that is out there being processed. I recorded a short story for Protecting Project Pulp, and did some lines for a story for the Drabblecast, but I don’t know when either of those stories will go live. I have finished my Way of the Gun story, but I know others in the anthology are still working on their stories. And there may be some editing to do before the anthology is released.

So, stay tuned folks. There’s more good stuff to come out from me soon.

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